Kripalu Maharaj Devotion

Maharaji Kripalu is a great teacher, living and breathing the absolute bliss of Radha Krishn. I have become a follower of Maharaji Kripalu and a worshiper of Radha Krishn in the last few years.I am not an easy believer. I was born in Santa Barbara, a university town, and a town where all beliefs abound, where all religions have followers.

The reason religion cohabits so easily there is because, I believe, no one really takes them seriously. The streets are filled with Sufis one week, Evangelical Christians the next. Believers from the countries these originated in are confused. The men from Konya, Turkey, ask why the Sufi women here wear shorts. The Evangelicals from Ohio ask about the makeup. Thousands of “practicing” Catholics are here too, but the church is empty on Sunday. Seders turn into potlucks, Buddhist religious festivals into picnics. Santa Barbara, someone once said, is where one can be a vegetarian between meals.

I was once one of these faithless believers myself. I attended the potlucks, prayed with the others, watched them fall away, and fell away myself.

I remember the first time hearing Maharaji Kripalu, but I don't know exactly why I started to follow him. Maybe it was because of his humility in the face of the divine Radha Krishn. Listening to him made me listen harder and closer, closer than I ever had listened to anyone or anything. I began following him and reading him closely too. I found a wonderful teacher, a wonderful human being in which to experience the absolute and wonderful bliss of Radha Krishn. I dedicate this simple biography to him, the wonderful teacher whose message leads me to experience the purest soul of my soul.